This beautiful 'Bella' leather is made from Buff Calf fine grain hide. The hide is specially selected to produce this type of leather. The bags crafted from 'Bella' leather are semi-structured lending into a product of finesse quality making it an all-time favourite for our designers. 


  • Top Selection
  • Semi - Vegetable tanned leather
  • 100% cross-section dyed through to have uniform and clean look
  • Fully drum dyed
  • Polished finished with suitable wax
  • Aniline leather finish
  • Breathable quality
  • Vintage yet classic look




The 'Betsy' leather is made from Buff Calf small skin leather.  This size of leather is specially selected to produce soft and Nappa feel. An ideal leather to make soft and slouchy bags.


  • Top selection
  • Full Chrome tanned leather
  • 100% Cross-section dyed through
  • Cationic top aniline finished leather
  • Breathable quality
  • Water resistant
  • 100% Colour fastness
  • Contemporary look




This enzyme washed 'Bumble' leather is developed from mid size Buff hide. The leather is typically chrome tanned with the unique characteristic of strong natural fibres preventing any wear and tear to Assots handbags. It is soft-to-the-touch with rugged and grainy appearance making it suitable for vintage leather bags. The ultimate products are an epitome of unique design and outstanding craftsmanship. 


  • Chrome tanned soft real leather
  • Fully drum dyed.
  • Tumbled polish finish
  • Breathable leather
  • Rugged yet classy look



We make suede leather from the Cow origin. We choose this origin due to its natural softness and fine nap.  The suede leather is soft, fluffy and uniform making it the ideal material for designer leather bags especially when embellished with gold metal fittings. 


  • Chrome tanned split leather
  • Fully drum dyed
  • Buffed to give uniform nap
  • Soft to the touch



This popular 'Guild' is chrome tanned natural milled soft leather. It is uniform in look and supple in touch. The leather is versatile to be used in any design of handbags, thus making it a natural choice for our designers in the U.K. 


  • Full Chrome semi aniline finished leather
  • Uniform grain texture all over
  • Dyed through
  • Soft to handle
  • Waxy touch
  • Breathable
  • 100% colour fastness