"Why stars can't get enough of their vintage leather bags."

From A list Hollywood elite to reality TV celebs, stars have their every move chronicled by the press. While they pay special attention to their clothing and shoes, stars (and their stylists) focus a lot on their handbags.


A leather handbag can be a classic piece that can radiate effortless chic, but it can also be a fun ‘on trend’ talking point that will only be used once or twice before the fad has passed. While having the latest style on their arm can be a big draw for a celeb, a timeless and classic choice is a vintage leather bag.

Vintage leather bag 

Why do celebrities love vintage leather bags?


  • It allows them to be completely unique – When a celeb is being scrutinised on camera 24/7, they need to up their fashion game. Nothing is worse that being seen wearing the same old accessories, totes, jackets and shoes every time they’re on camera! If they want to be truly unique and stylish, a vintage leather bag does the trick.
  • It shows that they know about the history of fashion – Carrying the latest Hermes bag? Sure, that shows that you can cash, but does it show that you have fashion knowledge? When they reach far back into the Hermes catalogue, its shows that a celeb knows a lot about the history of the look.
  • They’ll never end up in a “who wore it better” feature – When everyone rushes out to buy the latest bag, they all end up in the tabloid pages in the ‘who wore it best’ feature. If a celeb wants to stay away from the crowd, a cross body vintage leather bag will ensure that they are on a page of their own.
  • It cements their role as a fashion trendsetter – Sure, hopping on the latest trends can be a great way to experiment with style, colours and textures, but when everyone starts to appear in the same brands and designs? Yawn. A leather handbag is the perfect finishing touch, a pop of style that will elevate any outfit and set any star apart from the crowd.

Which celebrities are most often seen with vintage leather handbags?


When you think of stars that love vintage clothing and accessories, a few names are likely to pop to the front of the list. Nicole Ritchie, Drew Barrymore, Dita Von Teese and Chloe Sevigny are all vintage leather handbag lovers from across the pond, and here in the UK, we all love Alexa Chung’s fashion outlook! She is often seen with a battered Mulberry men’s satchel, a perfect contrast to her more stylised looks. 

 Vintage leather bag

While following A-list celebs’ style and garments can be expensive, vintage leather bags from Assots can be surprisingly affordable. You can look polished, chic and unique for less than you might think! 


Vintage leather satchel 


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